Southern Pines Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

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  1. chalawa says:

    horrible print out

    • dandylemon says:

      I have a printable PDF version on my etsy here
      or you could copy and paste it into a word document and print it that way, which ever works for you!

  2. Tracy says:

    Thank you for the pattern. I am excited to make this beanie. .Your work is very nice

  3. Marilyn Swanson says:

    How can I print this without the ads

    • dandylemon says:

      I have a printable PDF version for sale on my etsy here
      or of course you could copy it and paste it into a word document and print it like that!

  4. stefanie says:

    lovely hat. but i will never be able to understand what makes you people wear real fur. are you blind to the agony of those animals???

  5. Courtney says:

    I really love this pattern! i tried it out but mine appears much larger at the top when closing. before i closed, it looks like the pattern fanned out? now it looks silly when i closed it.. i have a feeling i may have done something wrong?

    • dandylemon says:

      All I can imagine is that you may have pulled up your loops for your puff st2tog all in the same ch space, creating an increase, you want to pull up a loop 3x in the first ch space, and 3x in the second ch space, and then pull through them all together. I hope that helps!

    • Karla says:

      Mine looked the same way, even after following the instructions. I felt that the puff st2tog looked a little wonky, so I took guidance from another pattern I have and simply did the puff stitch and omitted the YO, thereby keeping the decrease. I also added another row of HDC. before FO.

  6. Bianca P says:

    Am I missing something? I dont see how many chain stitches to start with. Im lost and would love to make these. Please help!

  7. Margarita says:

    Thank you for this great pattern. I live the texture. It is going to be my next project.
    What weight of yarn did you use on the Southern Pines beanie? It does not say.

  8. Shannon says:

    Did you buy or make the fur puff on top? Where can I buy one or the materials to make it?

    • dandylemon says:

      I ordered my pom’s on amazon in a pack of 12, but I suggest buying them handmade on Etsy because mine fall apart, but getting fur from the fabric section of a craft store and making your own seems very common, and I’m sure there’s lots of YouTube tutorials about it! I just haven’t tried it yet

  9. Amy says:

    Hi! I love the hat, thank you for the pattern. I’m a bit confused as this is my first one. I have finished the brim and joined it. The next step states to ch one and work up the side of your previous work, but I cut my yarn after joining to secure it. It seems that that was a terrible mistake. Is there a way to salvage this and start from here or did I just make an awesome headband?

    I don’t suppose you have a picture showing the brim to round one?

    • dandylemon says:

      Easy! Just make a slip knot, and put that loop on your hook, and then just pretend you never cut the yarn, slst into the first sc, ch 1, and continue as normal! You’ll have have a couple more ends to weave in, or simply crochet on top of them.

  10. Beth Schingen says:

    Wow! What an easy pattern! It worked up so quick. I used a bulky yarn (6) so I made some adjustments. I went by inches for the brim, omitted rows 10 &11 so it wouldn’t get to huge. Did the ponytail hat and it turned out so cute

    • dandylemon says:

      That sounds so awesome! I’ve been wondering what this would look like modified into a bulky weight and those are exactly the revisions I would have made, I would love to see a photo!

  11. dandylemon says:

    Yes! You do ch 1 after each puff stitch.

  12. Ariana A says:

    This is such a cute beanie! I started making it and I got stuck on the first round where it says “two sc in each dip, one sc in each ridge” I did as I thought the dips and ridges were but I got a really large round (larger than the brim/ headband). Help!

  13. Erin Galan says:

    Love the pattern! But i made a mistske and my hat fanned out. I thinght i have go many sc, on the brim. I followed the pic, is there a stitch count? When i am done how many sc’s should i have?

  14. Rachel Shepardson says:

    Is this done in rows instead of in the round? Or am I getting confused when it says slst, chain then turn? Thanks for the beautiful pattern!

    • dandylemon says:

      sorry my response took so long! no it is done in the round, but you have to turn and go the other direction for the back of the stitch to be facing outwards, to get the ribbed look.

  15. Tracy King says:

    Awesome thanks for your hard work. Sorry there are negative comments. I wish people would realize how much work this is and be nicer. I for one really love all the work I’ve seen on your blog. Thanks!

  16. Billie Jean says:

    Really enjoyed making this hat. Your pattern is very easy to follow. Thank you.

  17. Nancy K says:

    About how many yards of a worsted weight yarn would this pattern use? Love the pattern and want to try it, hoping some of my single skein stash will be enough.

    • dandylemon says:

      I’m not entirely sure! I never did the math to get exactly how much yarn. If I had to guess, about 250 yards

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